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Join us at the Forum on Digital Transformation on May 16!

Digital transformation has been put at the core of recovery plans across the globe. Next years will be crucial to implement a series of policy changes and investments which make digitalization an opportunity for all. Technology needs to become a pillar of our cities, a tool for our governments, an asset for our businesses in a context of well-functioning and fair digital markets. However, capturing the full potential of digital technologies also requires strong multilateral efforts. As the war in Ukraine has highlighted, much remains to be done to find a global common ground for cybersecurity. At the same time, Russia’s attempts to protect its propaganda have exposed the risks related to the fragmentation of the Internet.

How can digital technologies boost the global economic rebound? Which policies and actions are required to support a fairer access to the Internet? What are the risks arising from the regionalization of the digital governance architecture? Which rules for the digital markets? What is the possible impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict?


Digital technologies: triggering a more sustainable economic growth

Fighting fragmentation: affordable and universal Internet access

The puzzling link between digital sovereignty and data protection

What it takes for well-functioning and fair global digital markets

Cybersecurity: lessons learned after the war in Ukraine

Confirmed speakers include: